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BusinessMatika is an integrator of digital solutions. We develop web services and mobile applications for customers from e-commerce, fintech, as well as for manufacturing and product IT companies. The team consists of 60+ specialists who work on customer projects mainly using outstaff format. Since 2012, we have completed 200+ projects of various sizes. The central office is located in Yerevan (Armenia).

Our team consists of high-skilled guys, who are based on system and business analysts, backend, frontend, mobile developers, as well as testers, DevOps engineers, project managers, and designers.
Core backend expertise - PHP, Java, Python, Go, Node.js. Frontend - Vue.js, React, Angular. Mobile development - Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native. At the same time, there are specialists with knowledge of a rarer tech stack.

If your project is stalling due to a lack of IT specialists and/or the necessary expertise, if you want to strengthen your development team, then we will definitely be able to help you: in a short time, we will assemble the right team with the required competencies and the level of knowledge that will work on your full-time project for as long as it takes to achieve your business goals.
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Development of Russia's first online car subscription service
Hyundai Mobility
Our client, Hyundai Mobility Lab ( is a subsidiary of Hyundai, the largest car manufacturer in South Korea, and the fourth largest in the world.

In Russia, our client is developing a variety of services:
Hyundai Mobility is Russia’s first online car subscription service;
Genesis Mobility is a premium Genesis car rental service;
Mobikey is an online service for interaction with Hyundai and KIA cars (remote car opening and starting, location, and driving style monitoring) with online concierge options;
UKA is an online service for the sale of used cars;
Business Mobility Office is a car subscription service for legal entities.
The Hyundai Mobility Lab team now has 75 employees, the office is located in Skolkovo.
Our company provides its employees with an outstaffing format for the product development of Hyundai Mobility, the company’s flagship service. To implement this service, the client has decided to build its own highly loaded IT infrastructure. Therefore, this project involves working with terabytes of data, multiple servers, and hundreds of microservices. For all its technological complexity, this project is a unique opportunity for both in-house IT specialists and outstaffers to gain experience in building a system from scratch, one which will be used by hundreds of thousands of users.
We started working with Hyundai Mobility Lab in mid-2021, when the client needed to strengthen their internal development team. At that moment, the legacy greatly grew. In addition, development was hampered by the poor architecture inherited by the team.
During the cooperation period, we provided 23 of our IT specialists, including backend and frontend developers, mobile developers, and testers. During the period of joint work, the client managed to significantly optimize the code and improve the performance of the application while the team migrated to the microservice architecture.
The development of the service is presently ongoing, but has already been launched in major cities of Russia, including Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, and others. The client's application is available in AppStore and Google Play. Read more on the product website: